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Loving Couples from Eteract

Victor & Shanshan

"I've met my other half through Eteract..

It first began with instant messaging and games via the site and where we slowly realised that we worked near each other!

Our love story began over a meet up over a lunch date thereafter.On traditional dating sites, I felt pushed to date. It can be very scary.

However with Eteract, I was very comfortable as I didn't felt pressured and threatened.

Thank you Eteract for helping me to meet my 'someone special'!"


Angelia & Edwin

"Eteract was the first online dating website I have tried and I have to say the nominal fees for the membership had to be the best investment in my life!

This is where I managed to find my life partner, someone who brought so much fun and meaning to my life whom I never thought was possible.

I like Eteract because it is user-friendly and have very affordable membership. Through online exchanges via private messages, I am able to interact and find out more on our common interests as well as shared values in life.

Edwin and myself are almost into our 1st anniversary and we are just starting to make plans for our wedding preparations for 2013. Over the past year, we did so many activities together that our weekends were always packed few months in advance. Edwin accompanied me to watch a dozen of plays and concerts in our initial dating days and conversely, I was game enough to join him for kayaking and some sport activities. We simply enjoys spending time with each other and always look forward to trying out new things. Our highlight for 2011 includes going for picnic events such as Movie in the Park, Ballet Under The Stars and Retrolicious 2011 concert as well as several short getaway trips. He also introduced me to his group of good friends and well as his family few months after we started dating. Well, all these actions sure tells a lot about someone who was willing to involve me totally in his life. :)

Since we started dating, I was always game enough to share with my friends that I actually met The One through Eteract. In turn, they were amazed and inspired to share with their single friends about my love story. Well, I hope singles out there continue to be positive and I am pretty sure they can find their other half and have a blissful love life ahead."

Allan & Celestial

"I've had many past love relationships. I was a total failure in my love relationships for the past few years.

I met my husband through Eteract. Allan is a special and loving guy. He is full of care and concern. We had our bad times and met with many obstacles along the way but we managed to get through the challenges. Time will tell us who will win the race. We have a very close and loving relationship and we cannot live without each other. We have promised to never leave each other.

We believe that we have broken the record and are the first couple to have got married through Eteract. We will be getting our house and we have made plans to have kids soon. We will also be celebrating our 3rd year ROM anniversary soon. Thanks Eteract! I never dreamt that I will have such a lovely life. Without Eteract, my love life will not meet with such a wonderful miracle."

Met your special one through Eteract?
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