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Meet local singles in Asia's first online speed dating site. is created to make it easy for you to go on multiple "5 minute" online dates from the comfort of home using instant messaging and live audio, webcam and even with an Avatar. Sign up for free on our internet dating site or our Facebook app to start meeting people right now and you can be introduced to as many as 12 other singles in just one hour.

Go to a 3D Chat room now and meet singles in groups

Not so keen on just one to one speed dates and prefer to meet singles in groups. Simply click on one of the 3D Chat rooms to enter it and chat with multiples of singles at one go. Send e-gifts or change your chat bubbles to ice break with singles as they chat about their lives and interests. You can meet and interact with up to 7 new singles in one chat session

Eteract is easy to use, fun to engage in and free to sign up

Eteract is easy to use. Simply go to the speed dating section and choose someone you like to speed date with. Else you could select the match tab and a list of singles who are online and who fit your specific criteria will appear for you to speed date one on one with. After 5 minutes, simply click yes or no to indicate if you are interested in the person you have just met. If the feeling is mutual, then you both will automatically exchange Eteract profile details for you to add as a friend and follow up with.

Interact with other singles immediately

Eteract makes online dating more natural, fun and easier for you. We bring the dates to you so you can meet other singles from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Rather than send out 30 messages and only expect results from maybe less than 3 singles, Eteract allows you to meet and get to know singles real time and immediately which can dramatically boost their social circle of singles more quickly and efficiently as compared to traditional online dating sites. We are currently available for use in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES that we have open up IP.